How to make espresso without machine

Learn the best way of how to make espresso without using machine at home

If you love to drink espresso, but don’t know how to make, you may want to read this guide because you can make espresso without using machine at home. However, the quality is not as good as when you use best espresso machine to make espresso.

It is obvious that lots of people love to enjoy espresso in the morning. If you have limited budget, and don’t want to spend money on purchasing espresso machine to make a great cup of espresso, you can make espresso without having a machine.

Below is full details, tips, and guides on how to make espresso with good taste and smell.

How to make espresso without machine

While you are relaxing or doing something, you can make espresso easily at home. Drinking espresso can help you stay awake without feeling sleepy. Therefore, you can get everything done well. Just imagine that you sit down, relax, and sip a cup of espresso. And then, you can get rid of tiredness from your body.

There are several ways to make espresso without machine. However, you should remember that to make espresso, you should have coffee beans. Using grinder to grind coffee beans.

Now, let’s start to make espresso without a machine by following some ways below.

How to make espresso without using a machine:

What will you do when you want to make espresso but you don’t have an espresso machine with you? Well, there are lots of ways that can help you learn how to make espresso without using a machine. Here are some methods that you want to follow:

Method: 1 – Using a french press to make espresso

You can make espresso by using a french press. It is cheap that you can buy. You can find this item at online and offline store. This product has cheap price that you can afford. Using French press to press the coffee seeds to make great espresso.

#STEP-1: Crush the coffee beans

What should you do? You should firstly crush or grind coffee beans with a good grinder. Don’t crush or grind coffee beans like powdery because you don’t want to taste “muddy type”. You should measure coffee beans before you grind. And then put needed coffee into the pot, and grind it.

#STEP-2: Steam water

After you finish grinding or crushing your coffee beans, then you will have to put water in the heat to make steam water. Remember that this step is necessary and important to make espresso. Using hot water to brew with a French press. Make sure you measure the quantity of water in order to have the best taste of espresso.

#STEP-3: Put the coffee grounds into the press

What you should do next is put the coffee grounds into the press. Then pour the hot water into it.

Note: Don’t stir too harshly. In addition, make sure that you mix it well.

#STEP-4: Make sure the coffee to steep

This step is very important. Make sure you steep the coffee well.

Method: 2 – Make an espresso with a moka pot
Method: 3 – Make an espresso with an aeropress

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How To Make Espresso Without A Machine in 2021

Final Thoughts

Making an espresso is never hard if you know ways to make espresso. Above are some methods that you can follow to make your own espresso at home. Besides, there are still more ways that you can follow.

Hoping that this guide can help you make a great espresso to enjoy. So don’t wait, now start to make espresso and taste it by following above steps.